I am using the Chrome Browser, and the bottom of the page is cut off, I can’t see all of my modules and the Completed area


This is a known issue with Chrome that some users are experiencing; we are working on this issue.
You will be required to use a different browser. See the suggested browsers below.

Operating System: Windows 10
Suggested browser: Edge

Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1
Suggested browser: Firefox (note that the Adobe Flash program must be installed on your computer)

Operating System: Apple Mac
Suggested browsers: Safari or Firefox (Note that the Adobe Flash program must be installed and *enabled on your computer)

Mobile devices like a smart phone or a tablet are not recommended with our program.

Open the alternate browser, then check if you have Flash installed on your computer CLICK HERE
This test will also give you more info that may be sent to Support if you require assistance

Download Firefox

Download Adobe Flash Note: uncheck the optional offers

*To ensure that Adobe Flash is enabled on your Mac, open Safari, then click on the Safari menu (top left), Preferences, Websites.
In the list on the left, see the Plug-ins list; ensure that Flash is checked.

Note: on an older Mac OS, you will open Security, not Websites.

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I use Internet Explorer browser with Windows 7/Vista/XP operating system. When I click ‘Login’, it kicks me back to the ‘Home’ Page.

This is a known issue on Internet Explorer/Windows 7/Vista/XP. We recommend that you use the Firefox browser.

Download Firefox

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