I use Internet Explorer browser with Windows 7/Vista/XP operating system. When I click ‘Login’, it kicks me back to the ‘Home’ Page.

This is a known issue on Internet Explorer/Windows 7/Vista/XP. We recommend that you use the Chrome browser.

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I use the Safari browser on a Mac computer. When I attempt to open a module, all I is see is a white screen.

Our program uses Adobe Flash, this program must be installed on your computer. If you wish to use the Safari browser, ensure that Adobe Flash is installed. To determine whether or not you have Adobe Flash installed, follow the instructions below:

Open the Safari browser
Plug-in Settings
If Adobe Flash is installed, it will be in the list. If you don’t see it, you must install it.

For our program, note that the recommended browser on a Mac is Google Chrome.
Chrome has Adobe Flash built in, you won’t have to install it.

See the next FAQ for instructions on how to enable Popups on the Chrome browser if required (Mac or Windows PC).


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